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Software Development

www_machine_4170217Sage Management has extensive experience providing software services with the specialties of developing advanced modeling and simulation software and migrating legacy applications to cloud infrastructure. Our subject matter expertise in modeling CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) phenomenology and software integration are key to delivering advanced tools for consequence assessment and management.


When it comes to modeling complex physical phenomena, technical agility, scientific objectivity and integration experience count. Sage professionals have decades of subject matter knowledge and successful product support credentials. Our Software Development group capabilities stretch across the entire software lifecycle.

  1. Tracking requirements and issues for products with large vibrant user communities
  2. Rapid prototyping for cost-effective concept exploration
  3. Developing CBRN effects algorithms with Java, C++, C#, JavaScript and Fortran.
  4. Designing and implementing product frameworks with Java POJO and OSGi
  5. Migrating to standalone scientific applications to cloud environments such as Red Disk using OWF, DOSGi, Hadoop, Accumulo and Koverse.
  6. Administering configuration management systems using ClearCase, ClearQuest, Subversion, Bugzilla, Jazz RTC and other commercial products
  7. Migrating existing systems to Jazz RTC
  8. Creating mashups of Google Maps and Earth with ESRI ArcGIS products
  9. Supporting product and scientific verification and validation
  10. Providing information assurance and security accreditation
  11. Supporting customers after software releases


Scott Kreyenhagen, Vice President Sage Science Solutions
Springfield, Virginia
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