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ATLAS Division - Virtual Training

atlas-150pATLAS Division is a Sage-Management initiative dedicated to the creation of innovative and affordable Virtual Training Software Solutions.

Products and Services

Fully Immersive 3D Training Development Program (ATLAS Prime)

  • ATLAS Prime is a software development solution for customizable 3D immersion training. It is scalable, hardware independent, and network capable.
  • ATLAS Prime allows the user to conduct training in a simulated environment with individual and multiple player mode options and includes an optional Real-Time Instructor/Supervisor inject capability. The core includes a fully developed urban environment with four complete training scenarios and a tutorial level.
  • Development tools for modification and customization of metrics, training focus, model placement, audio and video injects as well as avatar personalities through simple graphic user interfaces are available.
  • Custom scenario development, special feature plug-ins, model creation and development training are available.

Interactive Training Modules (ATLAS Modular)

  • ATLAS Modular consists of customer specific single-player, self-contained training scenarios. Scenarios can be accessed either from a networked location or a client application. Similar to ATLAS Prime, it is a software solution that is hardware independent.
  • Training modules are tailored to customer provided curriculum/training requirements.
  • Fairly quick turnaround project time based on complexity of scenario and required art assets.
  • Multiple training modules can be created for each customer.
  • Scenarios can only be modified by Sage Management ATLAS Division and no development tools are included.

Software Solutions

  • Software toolkit solutions targeted primarily towards the Unity Engine user base in support of developmental workflow enhancement. Solutions include, but are not limited to Editors for 3D environments, characters, artificial intelligence, grading metrics, and overall interaction systems. 
  • Custom software application development such as Graphic User Interfaces, file (video, audio, graphic, and data) transfer protocols, and data management systems.
  • 3D Model design and development to include interior and exterior architecture, vehicle, and characters as well as applicable animation capabilities.

Education Consulting

  • Curriculum and/or course review, development, and assistance.
  • Training and/or Systems Integration for versatile software solutions, to include simulations, gaming, video, and cross-compatibility.
  • Course evaluation and analysis for plausible and affordable solutions.


ATLAS Demonstration Videos: