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Quality Assurance Program

Sage Management is committed to continuous improvement, innovation and proven quality methods. The objective of the Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is to ensure that Sage’s Team contract performance meets the highest standards of ethical conduct, quality service, and value. The plan provides the unifying guidance to Sages's corporate mission, goals, philosophies, organizational structure, management approach, processes, procedures, and techniques.

Sage’s quality focused management culture and values dictates that all of our employees are responsible for quality. As a result, quality is achieved through top-level management commitment, well-defined processes and procedures, clearly identified roles and responsibilities, and systematic monitoring and reporting mechanisms. Complete customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our Team’s quality system. We envision and welcome the opportunity to participate in the continual assessment of our performance through day-to-day interaction, regular monthly reporting and the Government’s CPAR process.

Our QAP is designed to support the following goals:

  • Sage Team personnel and management structure must provide maximum responsiveness to customer needs. In particular, personnel and management must promptly identify project deficiencies as well as solutions.
  • All Sage Team personnel supporting the effort must maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  • All Sage Team personnel supporting the effort must consistently provide the customer with outstanding value in the services they perform and the products that they generate.
  • All Sage Team personnel supporting this effort must maintain a "100 percent accountability" approach to the performance of their duties. In this regard, Sage Team members are responsible for identifying deficiencies in the team's overall performance and working with the team leadership to correct them.
  • The Sage Team have processes in place to identify any problems with support and correct them before the next meeting.
  • The Sage Team's vendors and suppliers must adhere to each and every item above.