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Sage Arizona Office Gets New Leader, New Location

Dave Tiedemann joins Sage as Director, Support to Military Operations and head of the Arizona office

In June 2013 Dave Tiedemann joined the Sage Team as Director, Support to Military Operations and head of the Arizona office. Prior to joining the Sage team Dave culminated a 25 year career with the U.S. Army as a Lieutenant Colonel with a variety of assignments that included Combat Arms with three operational deployments and Military Intelligence with four operational deployments. He has worked real world intelligence operations at the Battalion, Brigade, Division, Corps/Land Component and Theater Army Headquarters level as well as National Agency (NSA), Joint Task Force and Joint Command realms and most recently served with Joint Task Force Unified Protector directing operations in Libya.

Dave has an extensive background in multi-disciplined intelligence fields including Human Intelligence, Signals Intelligence, ISR, Tactical Intelligence Analysis, Counter Intelligence and Cyber Operations. Additionally he has significant operational management experience having been the Deputy Chief of Future Operations for Third Army/Coalition Forces Land Component Command and the Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations-G3 for the U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence. His leadership and training experience from platoon through brigade make him uniquely suited to head up Sage’s training efforts as part of the Warrior Training Alliance as well as assist in developing and expanding the ATLAS effort.

Dave has a BA in Economics and Finance from Norwich University, is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt trained and is a graduate of the Joint Forces Staff College.

Arizona office relocates

Late in 2013 the Sage Arizona office relocated from its original, temporary location, to a new facility in Sierra Vista, Arizona. The new location is twice the size of the original space and is designed to support the growing efforts of the ATLAS Division and space for programmers, audio and video capture, project development and IT infrastructure to support expansion of network and cloud expansion efforts.

We are very excited that we can now collocate the ATLAS Team in one location and by doing so capture and reduce costs and pass along those savings to our customers. The ATLAS Division provides affordable, world class, games based simulations to organizations such as mid to small sized police departments to support their training needs.


New Arizona Office: 1601 Paseo San Luis, Suite 201, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635