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Sage ATLAS Division Demonstrates Expertise within International Gaming Community

Tim McDaniel is the Technical Designer and Game Programmer for the Sage ATLAS Division and has been a long-standing active member of the Unity developer's community.

His knowledge of game design and programming is often sought after to help other members of the community solve any range of problems encountered during their game development projects. Tim has received countless accolades from members of this international community of designers and developers for this voluntary work. There is a ranking structure for forum administrators and Tim's expertise has elevated him to a level allowing him to approve and disprove site content as well as provide immediate feedback to user inquiries.

Additionally, Tim was contacted by Packt Publishing, a UK based technologies book publisher, to provide consumer feedback regarding books focused on game development using the Unity game engine. To date, he has provided professional reviews for two published works - "Getting Started with Unity", by Patrick Felicia and "Ouya Unity Game Development", by Gary Riches. Both reviews were very well received by by Packt Publishing and he undoubtedly will be requested to review future publications. Specifically they noted Tim's knowledge, honesty and enthusiasm as key points that make him an excellent reviewer for books of this nature.

This showcases some of the outstanding accomplishments and knowledge of one of our Sage's within the international Gaming community.