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Sage Employees Recognized for Contribution to Analytics Vetting Group

Tim Coughlin and Randy Bater were recognized by the government for their contributions to the Analytics Vetting Group. The Analytics Vetting Group is a high interest effort for senior agency management.

James "Tim" Coughlin and John "Randy" Bater, on behalf of the Office of Compliance Verification, support the Analytics Vetting Group (AVG) as team members tasked to assist mission sponsor analytic effort through the process of compliance certification.

Tim and Randy guide mission sponsors writing analytics to create compliant products that meet the combined goals of ensuring that NSA exercises due diligence in reviewing analytics while ensuring analytic reviews are conducted at the speed and on a scale necessary to support mission needs.

Recently the Analytic Vetting Group received the Torchbearer award for its' outstanding dedication, innovation, professionalism, and vision in support of mission compliance. Mission compliance is verifiable conformance with the laws and policies that afford privacy protections to U.S. persons during national missions.

Tim and Randy's efforts significantly contributed to the Analytic Vetting Group's recognition and most importantly to the success of analytics crucial to the mission. Their professionalism, dedication to duty, and focus on satisfying customer needs exemplify the values of SAGE Management.