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Sage Employee Introduces GIS to Geography Students

This afternoon one of our great Sages, Jason Mielke, had the privilege of skyping with two classes from Clarksville Elementary School in Mecklenburg County, Virgina.

Ms. Stephanie Bomar's 5th grade geography classes learned what a Geographic Information System (GIS) is and how it is used. They used publicly available online resources, including ESRI's, USGS's Earthquake map, Google Maps, and even Twitter to demonstrate why geography matters and how GIS is used in everyday life and the workplace.

The students had excellent questions and hopefully we've helped inspire some future geographers and GIS users.

jason meilke

Jason joined Sage Management in 2007, where he now serves as Solutions Manager for GIS Programs in Sage's Sciences Division. He specializes in geospatial software engineering and has over 15 years of professional GIS experience.